The approach of McDonald’s to the veg world does not seem to be intent on stopping. After the launch in January of the first vegetarian Happy Meal in the United Kingdom, this time the spotlight is on Norway, where the fast-food chain has recently launched not only a curious burger with a legume-based meatball, christened McFeast, but above all its new vegan McNuggets.

vegan mcnuggetsThis revisited version of the famous golden medallions, obviously, does not include chicken, and it does not try to emulate it by mixing vegetables together to obtain a meat-like appearance.

The new proposal opts instead for a filling of peas, carrots, potatoes, cauliflower, corn and onion, enclosed in a breading that also in this case distances itself from the batter of traditional McNuggets, appearing more plump, like puffed rice.

Of course, it’s too early to understand what the commercial success of these vegan Nuggets could be. But the previous yellow M in Scandinavia leaves room for optimism: the 2017 launch of McVegan Burger in Sweden and Finland, on the other hand, had registered over 150 thousand sandwiches sold in a single month.