The McDonald’s menu will be able to change based on weather conditions or the number of customers in the room . In fact, the US company has announced the acquisition of Dinamic Yeld: an Israeli company that has created a technology (based on machine learning) designed to provide personalized experiences.

The company is already collaborating with e-commerce or financial sector brands. The menu displays will be dynamic and the items will be adapted based on the season, market availability or the most popular hamburgers in a particular place.

mcdonaldsSpecifically, Dinamic Yeld uses artificial intelligence algorithms to analyse customer data and preferences. A technology that, for obvious reasons, is of great interest to the fast food giant. In fact, the acquisition cost could be at least $ 300 million. In a nutshell, for McDonald’s this is the largest financial transaction in the last 20 years.

McDonald’s plan is to start experimenting with the introduction of dynamic menus in the United States and then try to spread them to international markets. At the same time, the technology will be integrated with other products, such as the smartphone app, for example.

“With this acquisition, we are expanding both our ability to enhance the role of data, and the speed with which we will be able to create increasingly personalised experiences for our customers,” said McDonald’s President and CEO Steve Easterbrook.