You think you’re funny with your April Fool’s joke, and instead you’re being taken seriously. In the past days the marketing and communication offices of the various brands have invaded social networks with a series of simply absurd news and products.

The Australian division of McDonald’s was no exception, this year deciding to joke about the elusive launch of a new sandwich: the McPickle, or a vegetarian burger similar to the Big Mac, but with two thick layers of pickled gherkins instead of meat, between cheese slices and ketchup. An absurdity? Of course, but that has received a completely unexpected wave of support.

mc pickle“If this is just an April Fool, I’ll be extremely disappointed,” reads a post posted on Instagram, along with dozens of enthusiastic comments from users totally unaware of the irony of the proposal. “Finally we have a new vegetarian option at McDonald’s,” writes another follower tagging her friends. Unfortunately, not even this jubilation storm was enough to turn the joke into reality. McDonald’s Australia immediately released a statement thanking the McPickle fans, but stressing that it will remain only a legendary April Fool’s joke.