Meghan Markle destabilises the Court and managed to break the strong bond between William and Harry. And not just for criticism of Kate Middleton as a mother.

meghan markle
Image: Daily Express
The Dukes of Cambridge have decided to distance themselves from the Sussex. The latest scandal caused by the Duchess of Sussex concerns a TV series shot in 2011, when she was not even Prince Harry’s girlfriend. Meg plays Dana, a bad girl who loves parties, drugs and provocative clothes. The series was not very successful. Only one episode was recorded which now reappears in the form of a film.
The film, entitled  The Boys & Girls Guide To Getting Down and directed by Paul Sapiano, tells of a group of young people from Los Angeles including Lady Markle who pass from one night party to another, from one hangover to another and use of drugs, as the Daily Mail describes. In the final scene the character played by Meghan assumes a suspicious substance in the company of a man. An image not really appropriate for a Duchess, which she is now.
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In short, another skeleton emerges from Markle’s past that certainly will not please Queen Elizabeth. Meanwhile, things at court are falling. The fab four, as they are called William, Kate, Harry and Meghan, are at loggerheads. Even the two Princes, always very close, especially after the premature death of their mother, Lady Diana, preferred to separate. From now on they will be followed by two different staff and will no longer work together to promote good works.

According to the Daily Mail , the break between the two brothers is the consequence of the contrasts aroused by Meghan against her sister-in-law Kate who burst into tears twice due to her fault. The tyrannical character of Lady Markle earned her the nickname “Difficult Duchess”.

By not working so closely together, William and Harry hope that the tensions will dissolve spontaneously. The two brothers have shared the same staff since 2009, so after 10 years they take separate paths. It seems that the last straw was the interview given to the American media by four friends of Markle. Their statements have very annoyed Kate and consort. Hence the decision to have nothing more to do with the Dukes of Sussex. At least for now.