Meghan Markle refuses to meet Trump and risks triggering a diplomatic incident. According to The Sun, the Duchess of Sussex would have expressed a certain reluctance in the face of the possibility of having a meeting with the President of the United States, which next June will fly to Britain together with his wife Melania.

Trump and the First Lady will be officially welcomed by the Royal Family to celebrate the 75th anniversary of D-Day. There will be a ceremony in Portsmouth where, probably, Meghan will be absent. For the experts, the Duchess of Sussex will not show up due to her maternity leave, but many are convinced that there is something else behind this decision. Strong and independent feminist, before becoming Harry’s wife, Meghan was a political activist.


He led several campaigns against the American magnate and supported Hillary Clinton during the last presidential election campaign. Not only that, his agent and one of his best friends, is a powerful New York democratic exponent.

Some time ago, during an interview on TV, when she was just a Hollywood actress, Meghan called Trump a “misogynist”, claiming that she would vote for his opponent. Not only that, the star had even feared the idea of moving to Canada if – as then happened – Trump had won the election.

In short, Meghan has never been afraid of taking radical positions and it seems that this time she will do it too. While the world waits to discover with bated breath if the Royal Baby is born or not, the Markle is once again ready to disobey the Queen’s orders. Her gesture – the observers reveal – could make the Crown tremble and go wild in a diplomatic incident. Will Harry convince his wife to change her mind? We’ll see what happens.