According to the latest rumors, the Queen cannot stand the Duchess any more. And she wants her to go back to America. But she still has to deal with Harry…

Harry and Meghan
Image: Daily Express

Meghan Markle is in trouble and certainly is not experiencing the last stages of her first pregnancy serenely. The rumors from the Palace are increasingly shocking. The Queen would have already prepared a plan (costing 37 million dollars) to get her divorced from the nephew Harry of England. At least, so they say …

The whims of the Duchess – who are also making Harry surly with the staff – are now known. An example? Lately Meghan has burst into tears because the hairdresser had not made a nice blow-dry. But now there is much more!

The American magazine Globe has revealed in a front page article entitled “Meghan must go”. The text of an email that would have been written by a person very close to Queen Elizabeth. He calls Harry’s wife “a burden” for her “offensive behaviour, out-of-control expenses, and improper ties with her family”.

It appears that the Queen cannot stand the former American actress any more. She considers her to be “a greedy gold digger” and even defined her – according to the magazine – as “a cancer from which we must get rid of as soon as possible with the least damage”. And here is the plan, to be signed by the end of April: a divorce agreement of 37 million dollars, which would allow her to return to the United States, losing the title of Duchess. While the Royal Baby would have a title, it should stay in Britain. A plan that seems unlikely and that even if it were true, does not take into account a small detail: Harry is in love.