This Eurovision for Malta will be marked as the year with the less promotional activities and appearances for Michela, the 2019 Eurovision representative of Malta, winner of the first ever X-Factor in Malta.

Michela is hard to be found, reached and she had promo tours cancelled. Only two live appearances were set and those took place in Malta. It might be a stunt which could go both ways. It might either backfire because of the lack of exposure, or work in our favour as it builds up anticipation…

Michela PaceToday will be Michela’s first shot on stage in Tel Aviv and we are all excited to see how it will go. Even though we are sure Michela will be giving her very best, the curiosity on what package she will be presenting is high!

Before XFactor Malta, Michela was an talent. Maybe unknown to many but not to her friends and family. In fact, Michela had previously won the Music Talent League in Lithuania, was a finalist in the Baltic Voices competition and attended the Ultimate Artist development programme in Hertfordshire London, where she worked with Rihanna’s producer.

Michela’s voice is unique, andshe goes about saying “… but when I start singing, it’s as if my voice takes over my entire being. Aretha Franklin once said that you sing soul with your whole body. I know exactly what she means.”

As for her participation in this year’s Eurovision song contest, Michela says, “I am extremely excited for Tel Aviv… My team and I want to make sure that those three minutes on stage are an experience both to the people present in the arena and those who will be watching me in the comfort of their home.”