Aliza Hrustic, the 25-year-old of Croatian origin accused of killing his son Mehmed, two years old, in Milan, will have to remain in prison.

In fact, the investigating judge validated the arrest warrant asked by the prosecutor, because there is the possibility that the man may still kill or flee. Meanwhile, new and chilling details emerge about Mehmed’s death: the child’s complaints seem to have been due to the fact that his feet had been burned with a lighter.

According to the investigators, Aliza said he was unable to sleep due to the baby’s crying. “So I got up and punched him”, he admitted, “I might have even kicked him.” To add to all this, the terrible detail of the lighter, which would confirm the violence of Aliza.¬†Furthermore, the detail would explain the reason for Mehmed’s bound feet when the body was found by the investigators.
The autopsy on the body of the child, which will determine how he was killed and how long he suffered violence at home, will be carried out in the coming days.