They win four million pounds and not be able to enjoy it. This is what is happening to two men from Bolton, Great Britain. Their names are Mark Goodram and Jon Ross Watson, they are respectively 36 and 31 years old. The payout was stopped by the British lottery authorities because the two paid the winning ticket with a stolen credit card.

And to think that young people were already planning the purchase of buildings and cruises in the Caribbean. 

lottery winner
One of them had already started buying champagne. Image: The Telegraph

Camelot, the English lottery service, became suspicious when they discovered that the two did not have a bank account to be credited with the rich prize. Furthermore, the two did not explain the ticket purchase methods well: they said that a friend of theirs named John bought it, without giving further details.

The authorities therefore wanted to see clearly. And they found out that Watson was convicted of various crimes, including bank fraud, Goodram arrested a year ago for burglary. Both would have committed several crimes in the area in recent years.