The third season of La Casa de Papel or Money Heist premiered on July 19, and the fourth season is all set to come out.

Forbes labeled the show the most-watched foreign language series in 2018. You don’t need to be Spanish to understand the series. The compelling characters and a strong story-line make it a must-watch. So, if you still haven’t, quickly fix your date with Netflix.

When will Season 4 be out?

The release date of Season 4 is not confirmed yet, but it is going to happen. The show’s creator, Alex Pena said in an interview that his story of thieves is not over yet. Season 3 left us on a cliff-hanger so it’s natural that Season 4 is a must. So far, the story has taken a significant turn as the tag line was “their vacations are over.”

What happened in Season 3? *Spoiler Alert

We saw The Professor and Lisbon completed their heist at the Bank of Spain. They not only got the gold but also some secrets of the Spanish government. They joined forces together to save Rio from the police custody. But Lisbon got on the web and is captured by the police. Alicia somehow manages to make Professor believe that she is dead. Nairobi is also shot in the chest. Lots of casualties and one broken oath.

We see Professor distraught and break his oath of not killing anyone. He commands Rio and Tokio to launch a rocket-propelled grenade at an army tanker. Amid this, we see Lisbon with the police where she will be tortured like Rio. The season ends with a lingering line, “And, this is war.”

What Season 4 will be about?

The show’s name means ‘House of Paper’ in English. Its first season released on May 9, 2017. The second season premiered on October 16, 2017, but the third season took almost two years.

But we are positive that season 4 will be premiered soon. In season 4 we will see how far Professor will go to save Lisbon. He broke his golden rule of “No Personal Relationships” and fell deeply in love with Lisbon. The band of thieves is also breaking up, Nairobi has been shot, and Rio and Tokio have broken-up. It will be interesting to see how their story continues.