After a lot of rumours about the possible highly anticipated sequel, Netflix announces the release of the season number 4 of Money Heist on April 3rd and 4th 2020, a Spanish TV series that is breaking every listening record on the streaming platform.

To make you understand what numbers we are talking about, the third season had a number of followers equal to 34,355,956, and this only in the first 7 days of programming. A success so vast as to earn the title of “most viewed non-English series ever” on Netflix , and now the band led by the mysterious Professor returns to the screen with new twists.

The group of criminals is in fact led by a ruthless man played by Álvaro Morte and among the targets of their blows were the Spanish Mint and the Bank of Spain. Within the plot, already in itself punctuated by divergences and dissensions in the group of criminals, moments of friendship and love cannot be missing. A series that leads the good guys to turn into bad guys and the public to sympathise with criminals.

The trailer for the fourth season promises fireworks and there is still the presence of two of the most loved characters in the series, namely Berlin and Nairobi. The latter we do not know in what role will still have space in the series, just her who left the audience stunned by her alleged death.

The third season ended with too many doubts and few certainties. In addition to the fate of the beloved Nairobi, the delicate situation between Lisbon and the Professor has yet to be resolved. The same goes for Berlin, of which it is uncertain whether he will return with a twist. For the rest, we just have to wait for April 3 …