For the series true stories, incredible events that really happened, today we want to tell you a story that dates back to 2015 and concerns the life of a mother, saved – think a little – from the cry of her newborn daughter

Shelly Cawley, a 24-year-old American girl ended up on the brink of death after giving birth to her firstborn. The young mother had fallen into a coma immediately after giving birth and some thought that her fate was now sealed.

Her blood pressure was dangerously low and her heart rate was increasing (more than 180 beats per minute). Cawley was tied to what doctors called “the last chance fan,” a machine that pumped air into her lungs with enough force to vibrate her hospital bed with every artificial breath.

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But the hospital staff had another idea to try. “The nurses proposed that we undress the baby and put her skin in contact with Shelly,” said her husband. “Their hope was that if Shelly could sense the girl’s presence, the beat of her heart and her breathing, this would give her a reason to fight.”

The hospital’s medical staff thought that little Rylan Grace Cawley might be the only one to help mum. They put the baby girl on her mother’s chest, remembered Jeremy Cawley, her husband, and the baby immediately fell asleep.

“We pinched Rylan and tickled her a bit so Shelly heard her cry.

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When the baby made the first cries, her mother’s vital signs blew up, to the general surprise of the doctors. After a week, Shelly Cawley woke up and got to know her daughter.

It was a strange feeling – like I was between dream and reality,” she said. “ But I remember clearly how I looked at her, how beautiful she was. I don’t think I know I’ve been sleeping for a week. But it was the first time I met my daughter. I was so excited.”

A happy ending really unexpected to a paradoxical story: a new life that saves the mother from death. the counterpoint of existence.