Mother’s Day was created to celebrate the most important person in the lives of all of us. It’s a day in which we take the opportunity to be together, go on family outings like a picnic or a lunch out, give flowers, handmade cards and more. All this is certainly well appreciated, but what do the mothers of today really want?

card-celebration-envelope-8674621. FREE TIME

We all lead a life full of commitments and deadlines, but for mothers, the list of things to do and to remember is much longer since it also includes child care and home care. So why not give her some free time? A day in which to go out with friends, take a relaxing bath or a beauty mask, or simply rest on the sofa with a nice book and a massage pillow.


All mothers, but especially those of babies and small children, know well what happens when the child wakes up at night and the mother does not sleep enough: fatigue, dark circles under eyes. So, dear dad, why not take care of the child crying at night to give a nice present to your partner? If the children are already grown-up, instead, a great gift could be to prepare a nice breakfast together to serve it in bed for Mother’s Day.


Again a suggestion to partners, husbands and dads. How many times have you come home tired and put yourself at the table without giving a glance to those who spent the day doing an equally laborious job? Even this weighs on the mothers and a simple “thank you” said with a smile can sometimes make her day. 

And the parity? It is certainly difficult to put this gift in an envelope and to bow it with a nice pink ribbon. However it is precisely equality that all women, mothers and not, want today, in all fields but above all in the workplace. They want to be treated as professionals in the world of work even when they are forced to go out on time to pick up the children at school rather than delay to finish the administrative meeting, be paid as much as a man who carries out their own tasks, aspire to roles that remain accessible only to the “strong sex”.