She kills her 8-year-old son, then she justifies herself by saying that it was a demon who asked her.

Tisha Sanchez, 30, suffocated her son Joevani Antonio Delapen, just 8 years old, with a pillow at her home in Texas.┬áThe woman was arrested after calling herself the police to report the child’s death.

Agents, as reported by the┬áDaily Mail, initially said that they had found their son unconscious… then after the tests carried out on the body by the doctors it was discovered that the child had died before the arrival of the police. The woman was handcuffed and taken in. Eventually, she admitted that she had suffocated her son, but she justified herself by saying that she was commanded by the devil.

In addition to the murder charge, she was also charged with resisting a public official and hours awaiting trial.