The news, reported by the local press and taken up by prestigious newspapers such as the Washington Post and the Guardian, has become viral. In Brazil, in the city of Vila Irma Dulce, a parrot was “arrested” because he was a stake to his master drug dealer.

“Mama the police”, this is the sentence agreed between the bird and the pusher. The agents had long been keeping an eye on the drug dealer, and the parrot nearly sent the blitz upstream. With the usual obedience that distinguishes him, as soon as he saw the policemen, he shouted the phrase: “Mom! The police!”

Image: Handle

The bird was delivered to a local zoo. He will be there for a few months, and once he learns to fly he will be released. 

“He must have been trained for this, as soon as he saw us he screamed,” said an agent who participated in the blitz.

While a journalist who found himself face to face with the imprisoned bird described him – not without irony – as a very obedient creature: “After his arrest he always kept his beak closed”.