Know anyone who takes ages whenever they go to the toilet? Would you like them to stop spending too long on the loo? A mum is so fed up of having to wait for her partner or kids to finish every time she wants to use the loo in their family home that she came up with this idea… brilliant? You be the judge!

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This mum has joked about starting to issue toilet tickets to her family because they’re all spending too long on the loo. She said that each and every time she needs to use the bathroom, someone is already in there without a care in the world that she is waiting.

She’s debating taking serious action! Who wouldn’t? Imagine feeling cold in this wintry weather and having to desperately go to the loo! So she claims that she might start issuing time slots and punch cards to make her family go faster whilst on the loo. She did come up with another idea… the other option was to have the toilet electrified! That way, anyone who is sitting on it for more than five minutes gets a “nasty shock”.

I know a couple of people who would get constant shocked throughout the day! Thank Heavens we have more than loo in our house! Can you think of another solution?!