She unplugs the phone from the socket, turns it on, and the appliance suddenly catches fire. It is the misfortune of the victim (fortunately unharmed) – the wife of retired Lello Barbacane, who wanted to tell the story to the agency AdnKronos. And to say that that phone was almost new.

Mr. Lello even remembers the exact day of the purchase: he bought it on February 9, 2018 in a shopping center in Rome. It was a present for his wife’s birthday. The phone cost him €329, plus €25 insurance. But not even a year later, that thing went on fire. 

“The mobile was on charge, she was on the couch watching television with our dog” – says the pensioner – “she pulled it out of the socket and when she turned it on, it caught fire in her hand. She threw it on the floor, and the phone continued to burn on the floor with the dog escaping to the terrace. It could have been a tragedy”.

Fortunately, the wife only got away with a big fright, but “it could be a tragedy,” says Mr. Lello. If nothing else, the phone is still under warranty. The pensioner said he had secured the smartphone thinking “it might be stolen, but certainly not this …”. 

burned smartphone
Image: AdnKronos