Passengers on board a British Airways flight travelling from Budapest to Heathrow reported being detained after an incident broke out on board. Travellers took to Twitter to complain about a lack of information, meanwhile, London Ambulance Services were called to the scene. What happened?

Image: Getty Images

Passengers travelling on a British Airways flight from Budapest to London Heathrow reported being “locked in a room” at the airport with little information as to why. The BA876 flight landed at 7:00 pm as London Ambulance Service rushed to the scene. A hazardous area response team arrived on the scene, while passengers took to social media to try and find out what was happening. Meanwhile, a statement from Metropolitan Police confirmed they were also in attendance, along with the city’s Fire Brigade.

Reports circulating also reference a “smell” on board the plane.

Geralldine Fusciardi was one of the passengers on board who took to Twitter. She said: “Currently locked in room at Heathrow airport with half the passengers from a @britishairways plane from Heathrow. We have been isolated after an emergency landing. No information.”

The passenger suggested the British airline was offering minimal information regarding the incident, saying “wish @britishairways would tell us what is going on.”

Source: Express