Two men were horrified when a dark substance with a ‘horrible smell’ that started dripping down their wall was actually the blood of an upstairs neighbour who had died more than a week earlier. AJ McCrady tweeted pictures and videos of the stains at his apartment in Minneapolis, Minnesota, saying it ‘smelt horrible recently’.

He and his flatmate called a maintenance team to investigate who discovered the decomposing body of their neighbour. Authorities said the black tar-like liquid was bodily fluids that had leaked through the floor and into AJ’s flat

(Picture: @daddyallenjoel/Twitter)

He and flatmate Evin Schultz told their Twitter-followers about the grim discovery, with AJ saying: ‘My apartment has smelt horrible recently and I just found out the guy living above me has been dead for over a week. ‘And before you ask, his body was just discovered after his blood leaked down the ceiling into our apartment this morning.’

He later added: ‘All I really know of the situation is the man upstairs died in his sleep. ‘His body decomposed and somehow managed to seep into our apartment. ‘We’ve head leaking in our bathroom so when we saw this we called maintenance immediately.’

AJ said that at first, maintenance workers had ‘no idea’ what the substance leaking down the wall was. He added: ‘He wiped off a little on the wall to examine it and still really couldn’t determine anything. Woman who lost mixtape on holiday finds it 26 years later at art exhibition ‘He went upstairs into the apartment above to see if they had the same problem and that’s when the body got discovered.’

Minneapolis police spokesperson John Elder confirmed that a body was found in an apartment. Officers investigated the scene and nothing appeared suspicious, he said. The deceased man’s identity and cause of death have not yet been released. Discussing the case with local media, Mr Elder said it is a reminder that ‘it’s important to keep in contact with your neighbours and loved ones’.

Source: MetroUK