Tragedy in Pozzuoli where a child of just 4 years old died drowned in the lido “Kora” pool in Lucrino during a wedding.

The small Davide M., second of four children of a couple from Maddaloni, for reasons still in the verification phase, after having escaped the control of the parents, ended up in the pool where other children were taking a bath.

To note the lifeless body of the child was an animator who dived into the water. The resuscitation attempts and the rush to the emergency room of the Santa Maria delle Grazie hospital in Pozzuoli were useless.

The body was transferred to the second Naples Polyclinic for autopsy will shed light on the causes of death. Anguish outside the hospital where the parents, the family and the married couple are still in shock. Police investigators from the Pozzuoli police station investigate the case and have seized the Kora pool and the surrounding area where the wedding ceremony was taking place.