If in Naples the contamination inside the crib are now a tradition in artisans’ shops, in the province of Salerno a small variant of the nativity triggered an uproar.

In Padula , a small town in the Salerno area, in a church in the historic center, the Amici del Presepe association has created one that recalls the very current theme of immigration and integration. Not a cave or a hut, as we read in the sacred scriptures, but it is a boat of migrants to host Giuseppe and the Madonna in expectation of the Child Jesus.

The idea, however, was not liked by the Salerno parliamentarian of the Brothers of Italy, Edmondo Cirielli, who thundered:”Baby Jesus was born in a manger  And not on a boat of migrants – his words reported by Salerno Today – the message that passes is that anyone can come to Italy, Jesus was not an illegal immigrant . We are crazy “.

In short, as if the controversies concerning Christmas were not enough, its religious representations at school, the line runs on the “how” to make a crib. It is not the first case of particular nativity subject to controversy and criticism . The words echoed in the ANSA of the president of the  CEI  (the Italian Episcopal Conference), the archbishop of Perugia  Gualtiero Bassetti:

“In the manger we find all the goodness and all the tenderness of God. The crib, for those who welcome it in their own life , it is a living Gospel. In the crib there are also those  children who found them at the bottom of the sea drowned,  hugging their mothers, because everyone’s life is described in the crib ”.