There are many factors that can influence how often people go to the bathroom: from the diet to a change in the daily routine, there are many who suffer from constipation. 

However, there are some effective natural remedies that can be used to fight it: here are the specifics…


Not only drugs, but also some natural ways are able to encourage a bowel movement , that is:

  • daily physical exercise: like a walk or jogging, that can stimulate the muscles of the inner part of the digestive system, helping it to get rid of the “waste” of the body;
  • relaxation and posture: trying to force the body to go to the bathroom, straining it, is not healthy. Better to relax and raise the knees over the hips or place your feet on a stool when sitting on the toilet, positions that can facilitate the expulsion of the stool;
  • eat plums and kiwi: great sources of fiber that help move food through the digestive system;
  • consume senna: a plant whose leaves and fruits are commonly used as a natural laxative;
  • drinking coffee: which according to a study published in 2016 lowers the chances of suffering from constipation;
  • use linseed oil: according to a useful research to treat this unpleasant condition.

Constipation does not always have a clear cause, but often it happens because the individual is not taking sufficient fibre, drinking enough water and performing healthy physical activity. Stress can also cause constipation and sometimes it can also be a side effect of some drugs.