XFactor Malta Season 1 is now over and it’s amazing how some people on this tiny island are never happy! We woke up to petitions asking for Owen Leuellen to join Michela Pace for the Eurovision song contest! I mean, come on! Is this for real!? Had the judges thought Owen would be better off in a duet, they would have had him join someone in the early stages of the competition.

Owen Leuellen - Petition

The petition page can be viewed here.

So if it’s the judges to decide who will represent us, we complain. If the vote is 50/50, guess what? Yes, we complain! And now, that we finally had the people to decide on who they want to win… we amazingly complain!

Winners of any XFactor around the world are praised and respected for their talent. Here, we seem unable to just be proud of the talent we have on this tiny island. Yesterday, anyone of the four contestants could have one for their unique talent. All four were amazing, nobody can say anything about that. So why not just be happy for the winner, whether we voted for her or not? For once we had a competition where new talents had the opportunity to come forward and be recognised.

So let Michela enjoy her moment. I believe Owen is better off doing music rather than going to the Eurovision song contest. Better things are in store for him for sure!