A new technology has been disclosed which is able to detect when a driver is using a mobile phone while driving. Police in the UK revealed that the device will be used to stop drivers who are using a mobile phone without a hands-free device while driving.

Similar to speed cameras and road announcement screens, when this device captures driver uses a mobile phone, they turn on a targeted mobile symbol to the car of the same driver to inform him to stop using the mobile phone.

However, this detector is not yet able to recognise whether the mobile in the vehicle in question is being used by the driver or passenger in the same car.


The police in the UK will be among the first that will install this equipment in various streets to help their officials to identify which roads are the most prone to have drivers using their mobile phones whilst driving. 

This campaign is supported by Kate Goldsmith, who lost her daughter Aimee when the driver of a truck hit the car in which she was a passenger after he was switching songs on his mobile phone.