Don’t you just despise those people who cross the street writing on their cell phones or checking WhatsApp, completely detached from the context? Or are you one of them?

Well, know that if you did it, you risked a lot, considering that in a metropolis like New York at least 300 pedestrians die per year from cars hitting them whilst they were crossing their road and checking their mobile phones.

Well, the Big Apple has decided to try to stem the phenomenon with some deterrent, money for example. Fines are coming – from 25 to 250 Dollars – for those crossing the street with their eyes on their mobile phone. The relevant provision was presented to the New York State Senate with one exception, the one reserved for doctors.

The pedestrian, with his distraction regardless of everything and everyone, plays a decisive role. And incidents of this kind increase. Already in 2011 the World Health Organisation had published a report entirely dedicated to road safety and the use of mobile phones by drivers and had made a focus precisely on pedestrians, noting that “the cognitive distraction resulting from the use of the mobile phone reduces the awareness of situations and increases dangerous behaviors, exposing them to a greater risk of road accidents”.