It was supposed to be a pleasant camping adventure and instead turned into a terrible tragedy. A nine-year-old boy who was on vacation with his mother was killed by the dog of some family friends.

The animal was caught by the police, who also investigated a friend of the child’s mother. It happened in the United Kingdom, as reported by the Telegraph. Little  Frankie Macritchie, who was on vacation with his mother, Tawnee Willis, was alone in a camper van with the dog that belonged to some friends of the family, while the others were a short distance away. Suddenly, Frankie’s mother and her friends heard a certain commotion and screams coming from the camper where the child was with the dog, finding the little one seriously injured.

boy killed by dog

The injuries caused by the dog, were fatal for poor Frankie. The owner of the animal, a friend of the child’s mother, was arrested and then released by the police, but remains under investigation for the incident. The investigations, at the moment, concentrate in two directions: establishing the causes of the child’s death and whether the breed of the dog is legal or not. The investigators, however, maintain the utmost secrecy and have neither confirmed nor denied the hypothesis that the owner of the dog, after the dramatic accident, had tried to escape to escape arrest.