Whilst we battle the issue of whether there should be crosses and other religious symbols in hospitals, schools and other public places… In Bologna protests broke out. after an initiative was launched in Pieve Di Cento, a town of about 7 thousand inhabitants in the province of Bologna where crosses from the cemetery are going to be abolished in respect of all religions.

During the renovation works in the cemetery, all the Christian symbols inside a chapel were covered so as to transform it into a place of prayer for the faithful of other religions.


The initiative, however, does not seem to have been very popular with the inhabitants of the area. “We respect everyone, but you must not touch the graves of our dead”, says a lady. Her anger is joined by that of other inhabitants who would not have welcomed the idea that the tombs of the deceased loved ones would be reworked to conceal religious signs in what they consider a sacred place for Catholic culture.

The mayor of Pieve di Cento, Sergio Maccagnani, intervened in the debate and stated on the question: “In the election period there are those who try to exploit certain issues, I think we can solve everything with a civil discussion”.