There’s a big celebration, and it’s at a restaurant. You take your nappy bag. But when the poop comes and you discreetly excuse yourself and baby from the table, you realise the place doesn’t have a changing table. What now?

Whilst I simply cannot understand why so many restaurants and cafeterias do not have nappy changers, today we will offer some tips on what one can do when this happens…

As a mother I know the hassle of wanting to go out, all that it involves in the preparation to do so and whatnot. And whilst people have been having babies since forever, somehow some restaurants and cafeterias still haven’t come to terms as to why they should make nappy changers available.

Last time this happened to me in Marsaxlokk. When I asked for the nappy changer I was bluntly told; “I don’t have one, I don’t do miracles!” … and whilst I was so ready to ignore that fact that we had already ordered the food, I was not ready for the hassle of going from one restaurant to another asking whether they had the facility for nappy changing.

I was very tempted to be a pest and change my baby’s nappy on the table… but I wanted to spare it to my baby! It somehow felt humiliating to have to resort to that…

So how to handle a nappy change if there is no changing table? Here are a few tips…

• Gasp! Take a deep breath.

• Lay down your jacket, a scarf, a spare soft towel… anything you can find to make baby comfortable, on the floor or the bathroom basin counter top if there’s space. Cover with the white towelling nappy to protect your jacket.

• Now place the plastic changing mat over the cloth, with baby on top. It should be soft and comfortable enough for baby, and shield her from the cold/wet/dirty floor. 

• Ignore the stares of other patrons visiting the loo.

• Proceed to change as above.

• Have a discreet word with the manager later and suggest they make it easier for mothers and fathers.

• If this absolutely not a working option, go to your car and change the nappy on the seat.

A word to all of you who own a restaurant or a cafeteria, please do try to make your place family friendly… unless you absolutely do not want families with kids to visit.

Also, I suggest those of you who do have nappy changing facilities, to make it clear that they do… am sure you will get far more families to visit!