Monday 11th March was the day of truth for Italian schools: without a certificate of vaccination you don’t enter the classroom. School administrators inform families: “No exception”!

Might sound like a drastic decision but we actually agree with this measure. The decision that no nursery or school children will enter school without the original certificate issued by the ASP on vaccination; might be a good step towards making sure every kid gets vaccinated. 

injection children

The parents, who until now have presented only a self-certification, must have the documentation in hand, under penalty of exclusion from kindergartens and penalties of up to 500 Euro.

The Lorenzin law provides that it has brought from 4 to 10 the number of mandatory vaccinations in Italy. The objective of the measure is to counteract the decrease in vaccinations, both mandatory and recommended, which resulted in an average vaccination coverage in the country of less than 95%, or the threshold recommended by the World Health Organisation to guarantee so-called ‘immunity of flock’.

“No vaccine, no school”. Meanwhile, schools explained to parents the need to follow the new legislation. “Five lives saved worldwide every minute, 7200 every day, 25 million deaths avoided by 2020. Vaccines are the low-cost medical intervention that has changed our health for the better,” they explain following the Order of doctors from Palermo.

“It is necessary to overcome the mistrust of vaccines due to distorted information coming in particular from the web, bringing the debate back to the limits of correctness and scientific evidence. The latest validation comes from the 2017 report of the AIFA (Italian Drug Agency).