Kim Jong Un’s cries during his address to the nation. Two days after the “unprecedented” military parade to mark the 75th anniversary of the Workers’ Party.

The media released images of the tearful leader removing his glasses while apologizing to his citizens. “I am ashamed that I was unable to repay the enormous trust you have placed in me,” Kim said in a rare admission of guilt last Saturday, during the massive military parade in which new people were shown to the world ICBM intercontinental missiles.

“It is important to understand why he cried on such an occasion” – says Hong Min, director of the North Korean division at the Korean Institute for National Unification in Seoul, speaking to the Korea Times – “From his message, you can guess that Kim feels under great pressure for his leadership”.

According to Will Ripley, CNN’s international correspondent and expert on Korean affairs, the images show Kim, who in recent months was considered seriously ill or even dead, “in very different clothes”.

“Kim Jong Un sobbing standing on the podium while crying thanking his people, his party and the armed forces – he says – indicates how difficult the current situation is in North Korea, which is more isolated than ever”.

And on the reasons that led to Kim’s apology and emotional outburst, he says: “2020 has been a difficult year for everyone in the world, especially for a country like North Korea that has such limited resources. The country has essentially sealed its borders since January, which means that all the goods they rely on from China have not arrived . Add, in addition, the natural disasters, the great floods and the typhoons. ” In the course of the same speech, the North Korean leader had also claimed that no case of coronavirus infection has so far been recorded in the “hermit kingdom”.