Beef is not usually an ingredient in chocolate, but a New Zealand nutritionist is sure that his new recipe for chocolate, which includes 50% red meat, will be a great success.

Mustafa Farouk developed the recipe with an artisan chocolate shop in Auckland, and the idea came to him trying to imagine new forms of food consumption in the future. The combination of meat and chocolate seemed perfect for combining the proteins of the former with the energy of the sugars of the latter.

meat chocolate

To make chocolate, the meat is first of all transformed into what Farouk calls “chocolate butter”, which apparently is a finely chopped dough, which is then used in the production of real chocolate.

Although Farouk is the first to admit that the chocolate produced has a distinctly different taste from traditional chocolate, the taste of the meat would not be felt in the final result, and above all the taste would have been much appreciated by everyone who tasted it.

In the beginning meat with meat had to be just a scientific experimentation, to see if it was possible to transform the meat into something completely different and unrecognisable, but the result was so convincing that Farouk decided to make it become a product to be introduced on the market. Not only that: now the nutritionist is also experimenting with other types of meat, to see if the result will be just as satisfying.