Investigations into the fire that has been ravaging Notre-Dame Cathedralin Paris for hours have been officially opened due to culpable damage (therefore not wanted, but caused by the negligence of those involved in the restoration work).

But who are the French investigators, in front of the fanciful conspiracy theorists on the web? Many speak of “a safe Islamic terrorist attack”, but there are also other wonderful variations.

notre dame pano

In many, the web, argues that it is not possible to spread the flames so quickly. And many are sure: “Surely there has been some Muslim workers engaged in renovation work, in which case there would be no doubt”. The only clue to support this thesis are the celebrations of some supporters of IsisWeb.

Does the version of the jihadist attack not satisfy you? Don’t worry, conspiracy theorists know very well how to unleash the imagination. Many claim that the fire was hatched by Emmanuel Macron, in a sort of ‘French September 11’: “Do you remember Bush in difficulty and the attack that made him the savior of the homeland? Now it will also happen to Macron”.

There are those who, on the other hand, consider the fire of Notre-Damenot not as a man-made attack but as a punishment of divine origin. Some users, on the web, have written: “One of the symbols of Christianity is on fire a few hours after an absolutely serious episode like the kiss of the feet of Pope Francis to Salva Kiir, leader of South Sudan. It is not accidental, it is the justice of God that punishes the wicked men”.