Notte Bianca returns to Valletta on October 5th from 7pm onwards, bringing forth a new vision with a passion for arts at heart. 

This year, the popular festival has a fresh new identity – ‘Where arts bring the city to life’. 

Notte Bianca is Malta’s biggest annual arts and culture festival. It lights up the Valletta cityscape with a spectacular celebration that is open to the public free of charge.

One can expect to experience the very best in music, dance, theatre, visual arts, literary events, as well as an exploration into the emerging world of new and digital arts.

During Notte Bianca, Valletta’s streets and public spaces are used in innovative, creative ways thanks to a mix of roaming and site-specific projects. State palaces and museums open their doors to delight patrons with visual art exhibitions and theatre performances. Streets and piazzas are transformed into venues for open-air theatrics and concerts, while many cafes and restaurants extend their hours.

All of Valletta, from City Gate to Fort St. Elmo, comes alive on Notte Bianca, guaranteeing a memorable night that truly holds something for everyone.

Over 50 different acts, eaturing the participation of over 200 local and international artists.  A spectacular night that is only made possible by a dedicated team of over 100 people who work tirelessly to make this festival the success that it is.

This year, will be the first time that the Courts of Justice will be open to the public. Also for this year’s edition of Notte Bianca, the Valletta Cultural Agency is collaborating with Festivals Malta to produce ‘Orkestra fil-Miftuħ’, a musical journey at Pjazza Teatru Rjal, with the participation of the Malta Youth Orchestra, tenor Cliff Zammit Stevens, mezzo soprano Clare Ghigo and singer Jasmine Abela. 

Festivals Malta has launched the 2019 Notte Bianca programme of events, with a variety of performances that appeal to the diverse Notte Bianca crowd.

Highlights include ‘il-lejla, llejla!’ – a live music programme on the main stage at Pjazza San Ġorġ with artists like Owen Luellen, Sterjotipi, Skald, Vinyl Paradise, JJoy and international DJ Christina Novelli; acoustic classical music performances at MUŻA; a piano concerto from the Vatican’s very own Maestro Libertucci at St John’s Co-Cathedral; dance projects with social themes in the Upper Barrakka Gardens; ‘it-Tfalja li Stunat’ – a brief musical comedy within the Law Courts of Malta and so much more.  

All of this year’s productions have been exclusively produced and developed for Notte Bianca together with its new artistic director, Antoine Farrugia, who explained how Notte Bianca was a unique experience that united the community, artists and the audience. 

Visitors heading to Notte Bianca this year will be able to plan their visit ahead due to a new visitor strategy. The programme has been categorised into seven routes, designed to facilitate the Notte Bianca experience. These are categorsied as: Red (consisting of entertainment for adults), installations, dance, theatre, kids, classic and music. 

Festivals Malta has also launched an interactive map on its website, which maps out the projects according to the different routes and also indicates where each project is located.