For many, Nutella is a real drug. Something that is addictive. Those who love chocolate and hazelnuts can not help but appreciate the taste and quality. Nutella is a must to which few know how to give up. What if you could buy it with the marijuana “taste”?

Logo and jar are completely similar to the famous Nutella, but it has nothing to do with the Italian product.


In California, the Nugtella, a hazelnut cream flavoured with marijuana, has entered the market, which includes cannabis oil. The name is a play on words: “Nug”, in fact it is a slang term for high quality marijuana.

Those who tried it assure that the taste strongly resembles that of marijuana. Also because otherwise the product would not have achieved all that success it is getting.

Probably the commercial choice made by the Organicares of San Jose (which invented the Nugtella) is also apt: not only the brand, but also the Nugtella jar strongly recall the counterparts of the flagship product of Ferrero, a historic company from Alba where Nutella was invented almost 50 years ago.

Ferrero took legal action against the Organicares of San Jose; the details were not disclosed, but it is likely that this is a millionaire cause. It doesn’t matter to us: the curiosity to taste the Nugtella is great. But keep the taste buds at bay, because the jars of hazelnut cream that smells of marijuana can only be found in California, where since 1996 chronically ill citizens (such as those suffering from cancer or migraine) can grow maria seeds  and consume cannabis to relieve pain.

The Nugtella can be found in specialised shops – and certainly not in supermarkets – and, to be purchased, one requires having a regular prescription that allows to take marijuana for therapeutic purposes.

On the jar of Nugtella appears the inscription “hazelnut cream with added marijuana for medical purposes” – now it only remains to understand if the Californian hazelnuts are worth as much as those of Alba, or, again to take it from the cinematic, it was not done only so much noise for nothing.