A way to surprise an old man with dementia! A nurse, who was supposed to take care of the man, actually took advantage of his condition to abuse sexually of him.

Guettie Belizaire, 39, was found locked up in the man’s room around 5am at the Brookshire Assisted Living Facility in Melbourne, in the US state of Florida.

nurse raped old manTo discover her were other employees of the structure who noticed her long absence of over 90 minutes. After searching for a long time, as reported by the Daily Mail, the woman was found naked in the bathroom in the room of the elderly.

To set her up was the DNA test that confirmed the abuses, but the same patient later confessed to the police that the woman would literally jump on him.

The nurse was accused of harassment and obscene acts against an elderly person, as well as the abuse of an elderly person. The 39-year-old would have taken advantage of the demented condition of the man who was unable to oppose her harassment. The head of the facility apologised and stated that an internal investigation will take place to ensure the safety of all the guests in the house. Belizaire has been removed from the workplace and is now awaiting trial.