Facebook is addressing the sensitive issue of its deceased users. It is clear that one day there will be more deaths on the social network than alive, as happens in the concrete world on the other hand. 

We must organise ourselves so that the pages of those who die remain active; first of all artificial intelligence will be used to identify the profiles of people who have died, to prevent them from continuing to receive birthday notifications, memories of past posts with the rain of stars and fireworks.

obliqua mente - facebookIt will also be provided with new management tools those who have received a legacy profile, will be able to decide who can publish and who can view the posts, so as to prevent the closest relatives from seeing content that could upset them.

At the moment there are over 30 million users who manage a commemorative profile, for them a section will be introduced dedicated to receiving thoughts, memories and photos published by friends and relatives. A new possibility also for parents of minors, who cannot leave an inheritance profile; from now on, they can request the management of the deceased child’s account.