Finally it seems like the southbound lane of Buqana Road, from Mosta and Mġarr to Mtarfa, has been reopened for traffic!!!

What a nightmare it has been for most… yet it’s not over just yet! We need to wait for the northbound lane to be ready as well. But we have been reassured that the project has now entered its final stages.

The project included the widening of the road with a second northbound lane from Mtarfa to Mosta and a new cycle track in the same direction. The roundabouts at the two ends of this road have been redesigned to include bypass lanes and roundabout cycle lanes.

Infrastructure Malta is also rebuilding the old bridge over Chadwick Lakes. This part seems to be the part which is taking the most time as it’s quite a sensitive piece of work.

Contractors have completed most of the reconstruction works. With most of the bridge structure now in place, Infrastructure Malta has reopened the road’s southbound lane, from the Tas-Sriedek roundabout, between Mosta and Mġarr, towards Mtarfa and Rabat.

The old Chadwick Lakes bridge was widened with another concrete deck to fit a second lane. The new bridge is a single 18-metre overpass accommodating the three vehicle lanes and the cycle lane. As part of the project, the agency is also removing several layers of debris and waste which had gathered in this part of the valley through the years. Now that’s a plus, right?!

Several kilometres of new underground utilities and telecommunications networks pipes and cables have been laid and the road’s storm water system has been improved. Let’s just hope nothing was forgotten so we don’t get to see them destroy the newly built road days after finishing it!!!!

Over 2 kilometres of new boundary rubble walls have been built and this is something we love and think should be done on all roads in Malta. It’s a characteristic of ours which should embrace all our roads, old a new… hint! hint!