The kiss is perhaps the first gesture we learn as soon as we come into the world, something unique and special. But the kiss remains the most important manifestation of affection in the course of our life and a fundamental fuse to ignite the eros in intimate meetings. Here’s how not to miss Valentine’s kisses…

grayscale photo of man and woman kissing each other

Parlez-vous français? St Valentine’s cannot go by if it is not complimented by a warm and deep kiss: the so-called “French kiss”. A kind of mystery until adolescence, which is sometimes decisive in the choice of our partner. Intimate, intense, the deep kiss is an immediate activator of passion and emotional involvement. It is no coincidence that the Vivian of the famous “Pretty Woman” declared: “I do everything, except kissing on the mouth”: impossible to love without kissing, but also to kiss without loving.

If the deep kiss is indispensable as a prelude to a meeting with a high erotic rate, it should be granted or immediate. Even the kisses on the skin are beautiful and exciting and stimulate the imagination and the senses igniting the desire. They should not be overlooked.

grayscale photo of man and woman sitting on bench

Kisses should be enjoyed… super intriguing and just as engaging is the kiss on the neck, able to trigger shivers of excitement that would awaken the desire of a piece of wood as well. The kiss on the neck is perfect to enjoy each other in all senses, since you can feel, as well as the taste, even the smell of the skin. With a kiss on the neck, we breathe and touch the partner not only with the mouth, but also with the tip of the nose. Never without.

The kiss is not only an erotic manifestation, but a fabulous messenger of affection and tenderness. The kisses pamper us, make us feel loved and protected, giving us happiness. The kisses on the cheek are a gesture of complicity for couples, love for the little ones, but also for our parents, especially when they become elderly. Love in all its forms is a feeling of which we can not and must not do without.

man kissing woman outdoorA universal signal: the kiss, when it is on the cheek, as well as the prelude to something more intimate and provocative, is also a symbol of friendship, a greeting very widespread in Western reality and beyond. Among friends, but also among colleagues, the kiss is a greeting without particular meanings except those of a general affection and feeling. In couples, even the most mature ones, the kiss on the cheek remains an affectionate and unfailing gesture, especially if combined with a warm and enveloping embrace.

Also… Valentine’s is not only about couples… we should not forget to kiss our children: it is a sign of an indissoluble bond allowed (and strongly suggested) even when the little ones become adults.