The Last March a mysterious synopsis, appeared for a few hours in the titles coming soon on Netflix but promptly removed, had hinted that the live-action series One Piece was coming right on the streaming platform.

In these hours, after months of indiscretions and hypotheses, finally the confirmation: the adaptation in flesh and blood of the anime taken from the manga of Eiichirō Oda will be made and will also be co-produced by the company of Los Gatos, together with Aldestein and Itv Studios.

This was announced by the new Twitter profile of the production, it is Oda himself, who also communicates important news on the creative process linked to this new version.

According to what was previously reported, in fact, two exceptional writers such as Steve Maeda (X-Files, Lost), who will appear as showrunner, and Matt Owens (Agents of Shield, Luke Cage), will be responsible for writing this adaptation will work alongside him as executive producer.

In the recent announcement, however, it was made official that Oda himself will supervise the creation of this new series, after he had communicated the project already in 2017 (” but these things take time”, he writes):” How much will the story progress in the 10 episodes of the first season? Who will appear in the cast? Wait a little longer and stay tuned “, said the mangaka on social media.

As leaked so far, the first season of this live-action One Piece should in any case cover the Saga of the East Sea, or the first 12  comic volumes that have already been transposed in the first 54 episodes of the animated series.

As in the manga, today the best-selling in the world, the story focuses on Rubber, a young sailor who became extremely flexible after eating a devil fruit and intending to proclaim himself the Pirate King; to do this he goes in search of the legendary One Piece treasure and gathers a colorful and eccentric crew with components such as the swordsman Zoro, the navigator Nami, the reindeer Chopper, the cook Sanji and many others. Still no official debut date, but further details will likely be revealed very soon.