OnePlus TV will be officially presented in a month. The company itself communicates, so there are no more doubts, it is not a rumour: the first OnePlus smart TV is now just around the corner, although initially its launch in Europe is not expected. At first, OnePlus TV will be available only in India, but the company claims to be busily working to bring it to Europe soon. How soon, we cannot know…

The key to bringing the OnePlus TV to other markets is content. In India, this is not a problem for OnePlus, but to reach Europe, North America and China, agreements are needed that are not yet tight. It is therefore not said that our market will necessarily follow India: it all depends on how these negotiations go and which content providers will board the OnePlus train.

In spite of this, OnePlus believes there is room for a product that can offer ” a more holistic and satisfying user experience “, and that’s where the OnePlus TV will go. Quality of image and sound , design and interconnectivity are key points on which Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus, promises not to disappoint. The aim is to make TV not only the centre of the smart home, but also our  smart daily social hub .

As all these premises will translate into practice, we will find out only in a month. No exact date at the moment, but stay free around September 26th, because that could be the fateful day. Just a shame that the wait to have it in Europe is at the moment indefinite, and frankly we do not have too short expectations on the subject, but we will be delighted to be wrong.