The news of the illegal IPTV operation in Italy and in Europe was held in check. The streaming sites of sportive events, TV series and films have been obscured following lengthy investigations carried out by the Guardia di Finanza and in particular by the  Special Unit protecting privacy and technological fraud.

The transmission of the signal of the “Xstream Codes” platform, which was investigated as far back as 2015, guaranteed an illegal and disproportionate turnover of around 60 million euros per year. The promoters of this criminal system will be progressively brought to justice but there are also risks that those who have used the service for a long time and even for those who have started using it just recently.

Consumers who have resorted to illegal IPTV are not only liable to a fine but also punishment with imprisonment. At the time of the seizure of the streaming sites as many as 700,000 users were connected, compared to about 5 million potential users precisely. Following the IP tracks of the connected devices one could therefore be traced back to all or almost all the names that could really pay their dear lightness. The maximum fine for the offence related to the use of illegal platforms is 25,000 Euro; but there is also the risk of serving time in prison for up to 3 years. Not much, just to watch movies and games at a reduced price from the comfort of home.

The maxi operation on illegal IPTV has perhaps the merit of having turned on, more than in the past, the spotlight on the gravity of the use of unofficial services. The investigations of the Guardia di Finanza will continue in the coming weeks, after the closure of the streaming sites. As already mentioned, the 25 persons who were at the head of the organisation must be brought to justice and the positions of all the traced consumers of the service must also be clarified.