Those of you who rent properties, know very well the risk of renting to strangers. You never know who you are renting to, how they will behave in the property and moreover, what state the property will be in when they eventually leave. 

The quarrels between owners and tenants of rented houses are the order of the day. For example, it happens that the tenants complain that the owners do not do the necessary work, or that the owners complain about how the house is “treated”. Even pets can be a source of quarrels: and from the US comes a case where the tenant has to say the least exaggerated.

couple-home-house-rentThe owner of a Missouri house discovered that the tenant to whom he had rented the house kept a nearly two-meter long alligator in the bathtub!!!! 

The Kansas City residential and neighborhood services department reported that the landlord contacted the officials when he discovered the alligator, found while he was communicating the end of the contract to the same tenant.

Department spokesman John Baccala said officials had to call a Greenwood specialist to capture the alligator. “Our operators are highly qualified, but not very experienced in this,” said Baccala . “We were called and we were told what was inside and we had to take it away from the property”.

alligator-animal-close-up-The 200-pound alligator was captured and taken to the Monkey Island Rescue and Sanctuary in Greenwood. Other animals, mainly rabbits and snakes, which were kept by the tenant inside the apartment were taken to the Kansas City Pet Project pet shelter.

The former tenant, Sean Casey, said that the alligator is called Catfish and is as “kind as a puppy”. Casey said that Catfish, who was her four-year-old pet, “was a big cuddly lizard and always smiled”. But officials have explained that it is not legal to keep alligators as pets in Kansas City.