The department of firefighters in a city in Great Britain said that the firefighters rushed to the scene of an alleged fire, only to find out that the fire alarm had not been triggered, but the sound was actually due to a parrot that imitated the noise.

The Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service reported that an alarm monitoring service called a homeowner in the Windsor Close neighborhood in Daventry, England, because the sound of a fire alarm had been heard coming from his home.

The resident said that there was no fire in the residence, but the operator heard an alarm that continued to play in the background of the call and still sent firefighters, thinking that the man had not noticed what was happening, perhaps because the fire was in an “early stage” or because it was in another part of the house.

When the firemen arrived, they found that they actually heard the sound of an alarm, but it was produced by a parrot that imitated the sound.

What has happened has certainly made the crew smile, and although [we had wasted time for] a false alarm because there was not a real fire, we were happy that the landlord and his two parrots Jazz and Kiki were safe “, Commander Norman James said.

Homeowner Steve Dockerty, 63, explained that the cause of the alarm sounds was the African Gray parrot. The man had adopted the seventeen-year-old bird as a companion for Kiki about a year ago and quickly discovered that the parrot had great talent for imitations.