The plane passenger received positive results from a coronavirus test on a flight from Madrid to Lanzarote. The aircraft had 140 people on board and, as a result of the alarming news, became one of the first in Spain to be “quarantined.” It was immediately zoned off by health and security officials at Cesar Manrique airport on the island, with the police also attending.

An investigation has been launched into why the man had been allowed to fly.

Strict travel rules in Spain currently only permit people to fly for a restricted number of reasons, including work or an incident of an emergency nature.

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According to reports, the male passenger took a coronavirus test before he travelled after coming in contact with someone who had died from the virus and attending the funeral.

However, he is said to have left Madrid before the result came in – only discovering the positive result when the flight to Lanzarote was in mid-air.

The passenger and those fliers sitting near him were immediately isolated. They will have to be in quarantine for 14 days.

Meanwhile, the others on board are required to go into quarantine and take tests in a few days to see if they have contracted coronavirus whilst on the flight.Source

Source: Express