A 66-year-old woman died after catching fire in hospital during a hospital surgery. This was stated, writes the Guardian, the Romanian Ministry of Health. The case has once again turned the spotlight on the conditions of the Romanian health system, already the protagonist of scandals in the past, often due to the lack of resources, equipment and doctors.

The sad story dates back to Sunday 22 December. The patient had a tumour in the pancreas. Doctors first disinfected it with an alcohol-based solution, then used an electric scalpel for surgery. But the woman immediately caught fire and died under excruciating pain on Sunday 29 December, around 8 pm. She had burns on over 40% of her body. The sixty-six-year-old, operated at the Floreasca hospital in Bucharest, fought between life and death for a week.

Emanuel Ungureanu, a member of the Romanian Parliament, wrote on Facebook: “I extend my deepest condolences to the family and say publicly that I will fight to find out the truth and punish those responsible! The truth will come out, I will use all the power given to me by the citizens so that patients in Romania are treated with respect , together with the doctors who do their homework! The patient was engulfed in flames like a torch for a few seconds before a nurse threw her a bowl of water on the operating table”. The politician also publicly accused the surgeon Beuran of declaring false, claiming to be absent during the operation, while the opposite documents would emerge from hospital documents.