A player from the Swedish championship found himself at the center of a curious affair a few days ago. Adam Lindin Ljungkvist, of Pershagen SK, received two yellow cards from the referee, and was therefore sent off, for having farted during a game of the Swedish championship.

The referee judged the flatulence of the player “unsportsmanlike”, and the explanation given by Ljungkvist is that he thought he was trying to fart on someone else. “I was shocked when I was kicked out. When I said it to the bench no one believed that I was given a red card for a fart,”  the player told reporters.


Apparently the fart of Ljungkvist was particularly noisy, heard by most of the players on the pitch. A player from the opposing team, told his version of the facts: “I was at a certain distance, but I heard the fart loud and clear. [The expulsion] is the strangest thing I’ve seen in a football field, and I’ve been playing since I was eight.” 

However, Ljungkvist assured that he did not want it to be a gesture of contempt for his opponents or the referee, but that he simply had a stomach ache and was looking for some relief. In any case, history has had a decidedly positive aspect for the player who, despite his unusual merits, has become an international celebrity.