PlayStation 5 could work with all games from previous generations of the console. The indiscretions of the last hours do nothing but talk about this news on the compatibility of PlayStation games. PlayStation 5, of which we have spoken just in the last few weeks, will arrive during the Christmas season of 2020 but the real novelty besides a technical sector of the first order will be that of being able to play in any title of the past.

PlayStation 5 seems therefore very much aimed at the “history” of PlayStation and Sony does not seem to want to abandon it indeed the PS5 could be a console focused not only on the future but also and above all on the past. The latest news, starting with information from Insider Patrick Klepek, in fact do nothing but unleash his theories a  backwards compatibility  to the  previous PlayStation .

“Everything I heard on PS5 – starting about two years ago – was an emphasis on the story and on the fact that it is a console that is not only focused on the future but also on the past, which suggests the possibility of playing many titles from the past“, said Klepek.

Many have not seen us other than the possibility that the new Sony PlayStation 5 will see a strong backward compatibility with the old games already arrived with the previous console versions. Here Sony could make possible a dream long requested by users loyal to the brand and moreover they had been a bit disappointed that Microsoft with Xbox Scarlett, the new console coming, allowed precisely the operation of all past games generations.

However, it is not said that Klepek’s phrase actually refers to a backward compatibility of past PS games. In fact, many people think of the possibility of playing titles of the past simply with the extension of the Playstation Now service , which has been active for some time even on PS4. There may perhaps be a willingness on the part of Sony to implement this service with important news on PS5 perhaps enriching the historical catalogue.

Sony has already announced that the next PlayStation will be equipped with hardware capable of processing the  Ray Tracing , of  SSDs  to speed up loading times. Specifically there was talk of the presence of engineering samples of this console that would have GPU Navi with a clock frequency of well 2 GHz . Regardless of a clock frequency of 2 GHz, it is superior to those operated by the AMD Radeon RX 5700XT and Radeon RX 5700 cards based on the Navi architecture. Certainly a data of 2 GHz is very high and lets imagine for PlayStation 5 the ability to manage video streams with games even at 4K resolution.

Not only because there was also talk of the new PS5 controller which will have at least two new features regarding the feedback that will be haptic and not with simple vibration as well as new adaptive L2 and R2 triggers that will adapt according to the circumstances . In addition to this, the presence of a USB-C port and a battery greater than what we have seen up to now.