Florida police are investigating after an ad on Craigslist went viral. The ad was for a baby in Kendall, Florida.

According to People, the ad was selling a 2-week-old baby for $500 and the baby’s 4-year-old sister for free. The creator of the ad said they didn’t want to be “judged” for not wanting the children:

Shortly after the post went public, law enforcement began investigating it and was able to locate a woman they believe to be behind the ad, the Miami Herald reports. However, that woman—whose identity has not yet been revealed—adamantly denies any involvement.

FDLE spokeswoman, Gretl Plessinger, told the Miami Herald, “We do have an active investigation that started last Friday,” but declined to reveal any further specifics of the investigation.

Law enforcement says they are waiting on computer records to determine exactly when and where the post was made and published to Craigslist. Authorities also haven’t been able to determine if the post was legitimate or a hoax.

Luma Pimentel/Unsplash

According to the Miami Herald, it’s unclear what laws would be broken if the posting turns out to be legitimate or if the person who posted the ad could face charges if it turned out to be a hoax.

In the instance of Kenia Quiala Bosque, who attempted to sell her 8-month-old child to a man seven years ago, she was charged with an adoption violation, a federal offense that prohibits the sale of a child.

However, it’s unclear if Bosque used an online forum or if the botched sale was done in person. Other adults caught creating ads for children on Craigslist have been charged with “aggravated child abuse, child neglect and endangerment.”