For allergy sufferers, the arrival of summer brings with it a series of problems related to the presence of pollen in the air.

Every individual can present a particular sensitivity towards one or more families of arboreal plants that are able to trigger the allergy. The increase in temperatures leads to an increase in the quantity of pollen released into the atmosphere. Some plants sensitive to the rise in temperature, such as horn beams, beeches and cypresses, can have unpleasant consequences for people allergic to these particular species.

Man suffering from pollen allergy

In everyday life, how can we protect ourselves from pollen?

Allergic reactions result from an abnormal reaction of the immune system to harmless substances. One of the winning strategies in order to limit the impact of symptoms as much as possible, in addition to the use of antihistamines under medical prescription, is to limit the outings in the open air during the hottest hours of the day/. Instead one should opt to go out early in the morning or late in the afternoon and evening, when pollen production decreases.

Avoid cutting grass during flowering, keep away from plant families for which an allergic impact has been verified and close the windows in the central hours of the day. Also, if possible, avoid holiday periods during the flowering season.

Remember these tips in the coming weeks, they are simple precautions that can be safely applied to everyday life, making this time of the year a little less annoying.