And yesterday was that time of year again… when the whole world seemed to be in love. And thanks to everyone’s ‘in your face’ happiness, we can’t help but think about our own relationship status. Single? Married? Or more often than not… It’s complicated!

Whatever our situation it can be all too tempting to put all our time and energy into maintaining or finding the perfect relationship. But who wants an overpriced set menu for two when you could be out there sitting at a table for one, while you see all the world has to offer?

No settling, no disappointment. Only adventure and excitement await. So why not think about nurturing your relationship with the one thing that has never let you down? The one thing that actually rewards you for all your time and energy. The investment that just keeps on paying dividends. Let travel be your one true love! Here’s why setting out on a solo trip is the absolute best!

Doing things your way

If you want to go surfing in Bali, you can go surfing in Bali Travelling with a loved one or a friend is fun. But let’s face it, it’s also a constant compromise. Heading off on your own, however, means you can do things your way.

Want to learn how to hang ten? Book a surfing class in Bali. Got a penchant for Italian wine? Then put a wine tasting in Venice on your bucket list. No longer will you be restricted to walking tours of historical monuments (unless you want to be that is…).

Spontaneity baby

Travelling solo makes staying an extra night (or two) in Barcelona a breeze Travelling solo creates countless opportunities to be spontaneous. And in lives that are planned down to every minute, the freedom this affords is invaluable. Had enough of a particular location? Then simply switch it for somewhere else.

Or maybe you’ve fallen head over heels for Gaudi’s Park Güell in Barcelona? Then stay an extra night or two to really start feeling like a local. The beauty is, you can change direction at the drop of a hat, with nobody to answer to but yourself.

Comfort zone? I’m out of it

Getting out of your comfort zone will be one of the most rewarding things you do If the thought of travelling on your own strikes fear into your heart then believe it or not, you’re not alone. It can be a daunting prospect but stepping out of our comfort zones is one of the most rewarding things we can do and you don’t have to be an extrovert to feel the benefits.

From building confidence and social skills to strengthening our problem solving abilities, solo travel opens up parts of ourselves we never knew we had and that’s all without going paragliding over the Austrian Alps. Although that’s also a great way to test your boundaries. We learn how much we can handle, just how independent and capable we really are and that we don’t need to be locked into our routines or surrounded by familiar people and places to be content and happy.

In fact, getting away from all those things helps us to see ourselves more clearly and gives us head space to think about the future and what we really want from this thing called life.

New friends in new places

The tasty delights of Rome are waiting – as are new friends Just because you’re on a one-person mission to see the world doesn’t mean you’ll actually be alone the whole time. In fact, travelling brings you into contact with loads of different and interesting humans from all walks of life and you’ll probably end up making some new friends along the way.

Whether you bond over your love of pasta on a tour of Rome’s food favourites or find someone who shares your obsession with Gossip Girl on a tour of its New York City locations, travelling on your own is actually a relaxed and easy way to meet new people. Plus, when you’ve had enough, going back to being just you and your shadow is a breeze.

It’ll never let you down

No one could feel disappointed by the awe-inspiring beauty of whale watching in New Zealand How many times has a partner left you feeling disappointed and let down? We’re betting a lot. That’s the nature of being in a relationship. But travel won’t ever leave you feeling disillusioned or like you love it more than it loves you. It won’t forget your birthday, your anniversary or your favourite brand of perfume. And in fact, the more you put into your love affair with travel, the more you’ll get back.

No one could ever feel disappointed by the awe-inspiring beauty of whale watching in New Zealand or the sights, sounds and scents of a tour of Marrakech. So put your faith in the power of getting out into the world and fulfilment is yours for the taking! Travel inspires envy Yoga at the Taj Mahal? Envy inducing for sure…

If you’re looking to spark a touch of jealousy in a certain someone, then what better way than showing them how much fun you’re having without them? From partying in Las Vegas to a yoga class in front of the Taj Mahal and a beach barbecue on the white sands of the Whitsundays, your travels will not only enhance your own life but will be sure to inspire envy. So make this the month you get lovesick for wanderlust and fall in love with travel all over again.

Source: MetroUK